Blood tests can give us a wealth of information about your pet’s health. 

For example, our Concord vets can work out if your pet is dehydrated, has underlying kidney disease or liver changes, and we can get lots of information about your pet’s red and white blood cells. All of this helps diagnose any underlying health problems and ultimately will improve the level of care we can provide to your pet.

At Burwood & Bay Vet, we have an in-house laboratory, which means we can test blood samples right here in Concord and get results quickly, allowing us to make informed decisions about your pet’s veterinary care. 

We commonly look at samples from your pet’s ears and skin to get further information about what might be going on. This is often done using our in-house microscope.

We’re also able to take samples from lumps and bumps. We can assess these in-house but can also call on a pathologist as needed. 

Biopsies and more complicated tests are often sent to an external laboratory for interpretation. 

What happens when we take a blood sample?

Most blood samples are taken from the jugular vein in the neck, which is large enough to provide a good sample and allows us to collect the blood as quickly as possible. This is important because blood will start to clot once it is exposed to the air, and this can affect the results.

Most pets are also more relaxed when blood is taken from their jugular vein; however, if necessary, a smaller sample can be taken from a vein in the leg. Once the blood has been collected we place pressure over the vein for a minute or so to prevent any bruising. This can sometimes be hard in wriggly patients!

If you have any questions about blood tests and your pet please give us a call. 

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